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OCT. 27 - NOV. 2 | 2024
Lago Atitlán, Guatemala, Central America

Image taken in Guatemala By Skylight Yoga of the LAKE ATITLÁN GUATEMALAN HIGHLANDS

Welcome to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala!
Join us where volcanic craters engulf you with wonder and envelop you with joy!


Deepest Lake in Central America

Breathe in the crisp altitude air of the Guatemalan Highlands as you enjoy a deepening connection amidst active volcanoes, fresh water, geomagnetic vortexes, and biodiverse rainforests.​ Learn to concentrate and hear the ancient whispers of the Maya gods and enchanting spirits inhabiting the legendary Lago Atitlán...


​Deepest Lake in Central America | Skylight Yoga Expeditions 2024.jpeg

Ignite Your Inner Fire!

Connect to pure love and surrender to self-healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your retreat leaders are here to guide and greet you with a warm, inviting welcome; and all-inclusive workshops for health, happiness, and enlightenment. Let your heart smile for 7 days and 6 nights in a boutique sanctuary with lake/volcano views as you find adventures yet unknown - because you never step in the same river twice.

Enjoy every moment learning about Guatemalan culture and food tastes, biodiversity of local flora and fauna, wild animals, birdwatching in the jungle, basking in the rays of colorful sunsets, admiring the shifting auras of the sky, waterfalls and boat rides to the local villages, trekking historic routes and exploring nature trails to scenic spots for the best views.

2024 Expedition Itinerary

A true traveler knows the wondrous feeling of inspiration and spiritual refreshment that comes from experiencing a new dimension of existence...and a pristine paradise on Earth. SKYLIGHT YOGA welcomes you to explore some of the most revered and sacred lands of the Maya and to bring home valuable insights and practices for enjoying the journeys of life and discovering the divine treasures of spirituality.

The all-inclusive itinerary is filled with yoga, meditation, and wellbeing sessions, enchanting and serene paradises around every turn, vibrant and nourishing food, and awe-inspiring vistas. Within each day you can benefit from specialized workshops and group experiences such as heart-invoking cacao ceremonies, pranayama breathwork sessions, music and dance, as well as individualized experiences such as massage, ayurveda consultation, japa mantra, and space for meditation and personal guidance with experienced practitioners. We will also voyage outside of the cozy eco-retreat center for excursions to the local pueblos (villages), boating via lanchas (water taxis), visit Mayan cultural sites, local chocolate producers, honey beekeepers, medicinal herb gardens, authentic textile, and artisanal shops; as well as hiking to waterfalls, diving pools, viewpoints, and more amazing nature exploration.

This inspiring journey will open your eyes to the power of integral yoga with a variation of daily classes and ayurvedic best living practices customized to your own personal dosha constitution for optimal health. Learn how to meditate in a group as well as on your own. Practice affirmation and increase the power of your voice and mind with the ancient mantra meditation. Familiarize yourself with breathing techniques for dealing with anxiety and/or stress. Experience deep rest and systematic relaxation through yoga nidra. Energize your body and mind with proper nutrition and delicious Guatemalan cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We will have opportunities to dance, sing, and share stories together and connect to the divine energy through movement, gathering around meals, elevating conversations and a spiritually-charged environment promoting peace and deep healing. Plus, you will have the practical expertise, wisdom and education from five intuitive guides helping you to release tension through massages, ecstatic dance, cacao, tai chi, reiki and so much more!​ Everything is taken care of so that you can clear your mind, replenish and live free as your best self! 

The beautiful setting of our lakeside retreat center has stunning views of the volcanoes, lakes and landscapes and features intimate guesthouses with native Guatemalan and tribal furnishings in addition to complimentary guest facilities including a temezcal (traditional sauna used in plant medicine ceremonies and sweat lodges), health cafe with fresh juices, edible plant nursery and ornamental gardens, and a serene river that runs right through the property. 

SKYLIGHT YOGA™ Founder and Preceptor, Sri Sudarshan Jyotirmayananda, and the Expedition Leaders Karla Gomez, Skyler Goss, Natasha Lincoln and Jayanti Devi, all support this experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to embark on this jungle expedition and get your heart pumping with magnetic vitality!?
​Are you an adventurous spirit waiting to discover what is beneath this deep volcanic lake paradise!?

Image taken on an airplane flying over Guatemala | Skylight Yoga Expeditions